10 Problems in life that a blind man taught me to see more clearly...

There lived a man who traveled the world and could not see, but his view of the world was even more beautiful than any man had seen…


He described his travels as chapters in a book, his adventures as lessons, his interactions with people as puzzles, his difficult situations as a necessity and the most important one he pointed out was his view of the world as a blessing…


He said we are all blessed with our stories to tell and our chapters might be different and the lessons we teach from them will change with time. 


I asked him to help me solve 10 of life’s biggest problems to which he obliged and it changed my life forever.


Here is what he had to say


Problem 1: How do I change my past? 


His reply: By adding age to it. With time the story remains the same but the lessons change.


Problem 2: How do I plan for my future?


His reply: There is no promise of one. Most people plan for a future that they never see, when all they have is now.


Problem 3: Why is life unfair?


His reply: Life is not unfair, but situations might get overwhelming. Our inability to accept the choices we make in retrospect is what is responsible for this feeling of life being unfair.


Problem 4: Why do I never learn and give people unlimited chances to hurt me


His reply: The same puzzle can be solved in a million different ways and it depends on the piece you find first that will connect with the construction in process. Like the way we give the same puzzle a try a number of times we do so with people too, but only till the time we want to move onto a new one and that’s a choice my friend.


Problem 5: Why is love blind?


His reply: Love sees all; which is the reason we choose to overlook some of the flaws in our relationships. 

Problem 6: When will my job help me satisfy my money issues?


His reply: Never! As long as you look at money as a prime focus instead of a passion, no job will ever quench that thirst.


Problem 7: What is the secret to happiness?


His reply: Learning to experience when you cannot see. That’s what life is all about; not stopping to live because you don’t have something or someone and realising that it was the experience of living that was most important and the people and resources were only a part of it. Stop making things and people your life, they are only a part of it.


Problem 8: Everything wrong only happens to me, so I guess I deserve this?


His reply: Judgement is for the Gods and you are still alive so feel fortunately that you will continue to be faced with opportunities in pain sight and those that will come in disguise, until then leave repenting for when your books are closed. Everything that happens to you is an opportunity, the good or bad tags are what we preserve them as.


Problem 9: How do I change my life for the better?


His reply: Just change the way to look at things. Almost always a change in perspective is all that is required.


Problem 10: How do I became as enlightened as You?


His reply: You already are my friend, you only need to see the world from a blind man’s eyes. You have all the right answers just not the right questions.

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