5 tips and tricks to help you cope with adversity

A long time ago I was sitting at my desk with a huge problem, knowing very well that I was fighting against all odds and was not going to meet my targets for that month. But in the midst of that silence came a familiar voice that told me, “In the face of adversity you will find an opportunity”. It’s strange but true that all it took was a change of direction to turn everything around.


I am going to try and write about a few challenges that companies face and how we can train ourselves to look at the opportunities that will lead us to success.


Imagine a situation where you are eating escalations for breakfast, lunch, dinner and your midnight snacks too. Everyone is firefighting and rushing from one fire to another, with no respite because the minute you stop watering one fire, its fueled by another burning issue while you are busy playing fireman with another.


This is one of the most stressful situation to be in, but not one that cannot be salvaged.

5 tips and tricks to help you cope with adversity:


1. Just detach: When all hell breaks loose, it time to invoke the spirit of Buddha and just sit down in a room by yourself.


Don’t think of work, people around you or even the fact that you are still in office; just sit in a corner and clear your mind.


Play a game, speak to someone who clams you down, listen to some music or just sit in silence; whatever help you keep a clear mind and off the topic of work.


Do this for a good 15 minutes, recharge and then snap back to reality… It’s important that one wipes the board clean of all clutter before starting to write on it again and the 15 minute recharge will work just as well as a power nap.


2. Eagle eye: We most often look at a problem form a myopic point of view, trying to attack the symptom right in front of us and forget that there is a larger picture that we need to zoom out to see just where these issues are starting.


Make a complete note of what you do; just like a step by step guide book for dummies.


Once you have your process flow ready and can see things from end to end, it’s time to highlight where these short-circuits are sparking up your fires.


3. Building bridges: So we have our pain points and know where things are going wrong, but that’s not enough. It’s time to understand why things are going wrong at those particular places and build bridges to close the gap.


The reason I use the term bridges here, is to symbolize the need for a “concrete” solution and not one that will hold you together with scotch tape, because that’s only going to make it a “sticky”situation to be in.


This step is one where you identify who or what the problem is.


4. Focus: It’s easy to lose focus when you are in the middle of world war 3, but needless to say, it’s of paramount importance to keep it together and focus on your bridges.


We will feel the urge to address the symptoms over and over again, because it is a quick win, but it does not guarantee you peace for long and that’s why keeping focus on hitting the nail on its head over and over again should be your only goal.


Don’t worry you will have the last laugh once you put the last nail in the coffin and lock up all those issues that were forcing you to deal with ugly escalations.


5. Make it a part of your DNA: engrave these changes in your existing process and Abra Ka Dabra you have bestowed world peace in the midst of world war 3!


Jokes apart, it’s as simple as Mambo number 5 and as effective as a shot of glucose, so try it and hit the instant rest button.


Hope you found this article helpful and would love to hear your views on it.


Till we meet again it’s me signing off…

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