The Choices we make in life are what separate the Heroes from the Villains

There are times in everyone’s lives where they have gotten the feeling of being taken for granted and I agree that it is not the best feeling in the world but the good part is that there is always a way to get over it.

Through the course of this article we will look at the different kinds of situations and how to deal with it like a boss!


It is not your fault –


People will always come with their own agenda regardless of the intent you come with, so remember that the way they reciprocate is their choice and not a result of your doing.

An example to put this into perspective is when you go that extra mile to support another team member in office and they learn to accept this as a free lunch so that they can focus on other activities without giving you credit for anything.


Acceptance is your choice –


Accepting a response that is less than appreciated or expected is the choice of the person on the receiving end and one needs to either clearly call it out or learn to question themselves if they deserve this.

If we have to look at an example here, a common theme is when we allow our partners to behave in a particular way, with the fear of not losing the person; but the question is whether you deserve this treatment in the first place and that should be your acceptance factor.


Do not fear the loss but celebrate the save –


We often allow certain unwanted behaviors to continue only because we fear that we might lose a role, job, relationships or person and allow it to continue way past it’s expiry date.

People are habitual to respond to situations in a particular way and the classic study of if you are a fight or a flight guy sums it up. The coded response to situations will always be the same, so one needs to ask themselves if they are willing to accept this for the rest of their lives because the chances of change are negligible.


Give yourself a chance before you give it to anyone else –


Put your wants over your needs in this case and access if this is something you need or something that you want.

For example, having a companion may be the need of the hour but if the treatment you receive is not in lines with what you want then it is time to give yourself a chance instead of the other.


People only have power because you give it to them –


The core issue with being taken for granted is the perception that we are the victims when the reality is that we give the other person the right to behave inappropriately.

The reasons to stay in a job or a relations will always be driven by raw instinct of wanting a great career or having a great relationship but the decision to continue will always be yours.

The final quote that I post sums it all.

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