A Pizza's slice on career advice...

I am sure most of us have gone with the option of going in for 2, sometimes 3 or maybe even 4 different flavours on a single pizza and it is as much a visual treat as a pocket friendly measure to serve our cravings.


But applying the same filters to our pursuit of careers is a little difficult to digest, because a little bit of this and a little bit of that only leave us with tenure and no niche.


I have used this story a number of times and at the cost of it sounding like a stuck record I am going to use it again because it just blends so well with the flavour of this blog…


Jack and Jill were asked to dig a depth of 100 mts each and Jack was determined to be the first to win at this challenge; so he picked his shovel and dug 5 holes of 20 mts each which made him use up less effort and was a record set as far as time was concerned.


Now Jill saw her competition but was too focused on her task and continued digging long after Jack was done. She was mocked, ridiculed and laughed at for not being smart about the task, but she kept digging at the same spot inching towards her target of 100 mts. instead of looking at the easier option that Jack had employed.


Almost an hour after Jack was done, she too completed the task as hand, all covered in mud, muck, sweat and was exhausted to say the least.


At the end of the event both contestants were called on stage and what happened next changed the course of the competition. The organisers went on to say the following,


“Thank you for participating in the event, however we had on purpose not specified the terms of the contest but had only specified a task instead, so to have a clear winner we will disclose the parameters now.

The winner of this event would be the one who can justify the purpose that his 100 mt dig can serve”


Now Jill was too disoriented from the event to even speak and it took her a few days to recover before she realised that she had won the competition for digging a “well“, while Jack was left covering up his 5 wasted attempts.


This story is a mirror image of most of our careers; constant job hops, masking tenure for experience, rejoicing temporary success and the absence of purpose.


We find needs to attach our reasons for doing things and chose to ignore our wants to do so; a life of chasing necessity instead of passion and then when the time comes to be recognised we wonder why we were not considered…


Variety maybe the spice of life my friends but consistency in flavour is the the only guarantee to success.


Find your purpose and show up every single day to work on it!


Your dreams await a chance to become a reality; don’t deny them the opportunity…

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