About Us

Naddy Talks is a consulting firm that has 3 main focus areas:

CAREER COMPASS- With the growing gap in industry expectations and talent readiness this programme
has been introduced bases inputs from Industry leaders so as to reap a better quality of the crop
graduating each year.
Our Programme HUSTLE has been designed and run by veterans with over a 50 years of combined
experience amongst them

CORPORATE WELLNESS- The second focus area was born out of a need of reducing stress and helping
corporates maintain a work life balance.
This was the second challenge that leaders faced where the well being, health and motivations of their
existing employees were their focus and hence CORPORATE HUSTLE was born.

MOTIVATIONAL MANTRA- For those that we get to meet, the above gives us the opportunity to make a
difference; however we also understand the needs of others who need to recharge and there are times that help, inspiration and support systems are far and few; hence we have our own range of motivations articles and quotes to help one gain that much needed perspective

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