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The biggest mistake that we make as professionals is to chase the jobs that would give us financial satisfaction instead of fueling our passions. As cliche as it sounds the fact of the matter is that we dedicate our time to the wrong causes because of which we rarely see success and in many cases see financial gains but are left drained in anticipation of satisfaction…


So why do we feel unsatisfied? Or why are we struggling to attain success? These are the questions that we should be chasing…


From my time with working with some brilliant individuals I have seen 5 traits that are not only disturbing but are also alarming as a widespread phenomenon in the times we live in.


So I am going to take you through those one at a time and hopefully by the end of this note we would at least know what not to do.


Without any further delay, here are the 5 traits that keep us from succeeding:


1. Money:

Choosing a career based on the potential of earning money where the baseline for statistics are stories, researches and examples of people who were at the top of their class.


The problem here is that you are only exposed to the tip of the iceberg and have a view of stellar success stories but not the submerged portion that talks about the averages, hence a baseline that is not very accurate.


Now there is nothing that is going to stop you from reaching the top, but one needs to ask themselves the motive that drives them, because if money is your motivation then keeping a stable job will be difficult and you will constantly be looking to upscale your market value without focusing on up-scaling your professional value.


There will come a time when neglecting your professional goals will turn out to be the costliest trade done for money and hence chasing a career for money will only take you this far…


2. Instant gratification:

We live in times where a single post on FB, a Twitter rant or an Instagram masterpiece can pull in instant feedback in a matter of seconds and unfortunately we have worn out our tenacity by doing so.


This need for instant gratification has made it difficult for us to focus on anything for too long, including our careers. We are quick to jump to the next opportunity because of this and most professionals have rarely experienced a complete cycle of seasons at one job to know better.


The fact is that a career is not a post but a series of them on the same topic, so one needs to count the likes by adding up their efforts every single day and not isolate the results of one post to call it a quits…


3. Viral Fame:


There is no such thing as overnight success and yes there are many failures piled up on the stairway to success. People refuse to sees the years of struggle behind viral fame because they are either too naive know it or too lazy to put in the time!


It takes dedication and a whole lot of passion to keep doing the things we love without being recognised for it and that is the truth behind the success of a viral fame.


There is a TedTalk by Kevin Allocca who beautifully explains this concept and it is worth a watch to understand the merits of following what we truly love and only then will appreciation come along for some of our work if not for all it. He shares the story of the viral video of a double rainbow and how it was dormant for a very long time till one find day opportunity knocked and it exploded on YouTube!


Our careers are a lot like this, where we need to constantly upload great content as part of the quality of work we provide and someday there will be recognition that follows the effort and maybe a reward in the offering too. Your viral fame is not the result of a single action but a series of them that lead to a big pay day.

4. Patterns:

Most professionals refuse to keep a notebook handy and yes a digital record is good enough too, but because of this new found want to test ones memory we land up with an aimless day to say the least.


It’s important to build a pattern that is repetitive so that we can identify the areas that need development or need a change in order for us to succeed, but this is only possible if we set out to plan our days and most importantly to go back and look at what we have accomplished for the day.


I am constantly hearing a confused complaint from professionals who are starting out in their careers today, that they do not understand what more they can give their companies because despite the best of their perceived efforts, they always seem to fall short.


Now here is a secret I am going to let you in on, that you only need to give your jobs a 100% to the best of your abilities and the expectations of the company will be met via that commitment, so don’t try and reverse it by trying to meet company expectations without working on yourself; it will be a disaster in the making!


To work on yourself you need to identify what works for you, to understand that you need to follow a pattern and to have a pattern you need to plan your day; so in short a simple notebook should do the trick…


5. Following instead of leading:

What works for one person may not work for you and hence we all need to have our own unique style that is in tune with the ethical framework of an organisation.


A lot of people fail miserably because they either try to force fit their dominant work style to ape another’s or they have their own unique style but are colouring outside the line as far as ethics are concerned; hence both are equally important in doses permitted.


Don’t get me wrong when I say we need to build our own unique brand because in no way am I saying that standardizing is a bad thing; all I am saying is that processes and policies need to be standardised and not personalities…


At the end of it all, be the person you were meant to be!

Well I hope covering these 5 traits helped you in some form or shape and also threw some light on what we should be doing.


Please leave me a comment because I would love to hear your views, suggestions and critic.

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