Letters from my coach...

My time will come and when it does, you won’t have a choice but to accept that I have arrived; but until then don’t spoil today in anticipation of my arrival… I will come when the time is right…


Ask yourself, what is the worst that can happen when I arrive? I guess only you can decide if my presence feels like a punishment or an opportunity… Either way that choice is for you to make, for as far as I am concerned I am necessary for your overall development…


Do not fear me like I am a plague but see me as a common cold instead, for I am not here to destroy you but to build your immune system for the road ahead… I am only your trainer preparing you for when the world needs a stronger you!


You have a few lifeboats in the ocean strategically placed by me for times when I get the better of you… I may seem intimidating but I am really only a challenge waiting to be conquered; so when you forget that, you can thank me for placing the people who love you around you to remind you of what you are capable of… But remember, they cannot run your race for you but will stand with drinking water to help you replenish your thoughts…

Do not worry, I am not here to stay but I am only here to prepare you to become a warrior! I believe in tough love like your parents, so yes I am unpleasant but I will make a winner out of you! I am that coach in your life who will push you to your limits only to show you how strong you are! I am unwelcome but I am necessary!


I think it is time… It is time to show the world the masterpiece I have made out of you… It is time to hold your head high and ram through your mountain because that is your only option!


When you get tired, rest; but do not give up, because giving up is not an option but the end… I won’t beat you when you are down because I am not here to win; winning is your job!


Yes, it is time… I am here… and I am not here to stay… But when I leave, you will be a winner!


Best wishes,

Tough Times


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