Light at the end of the tunnel...

Life is just so fragile that it eats me up to see the lives we lead and the sudden news of a loved one passing…


A very sad day indeed when you see loss of this magnitude and all I can hear is a voice screaming inside my head asking if I have done enough with own life…


Have I been a good son, brother, friend, partner!?


Will my life be one left with no regrets of the opportunities I have missed!?


Have I lived today without keeping things aside for a hopeful tomorrow!?


Have I followed my dreams and passions like a religion!?


Have I said I love you or I am sorry without any ego but only in the interest of a relationship!?


What am I leaving behind of me for the world to remember me by!?


Have I kept my promises!?


Have I been true to myself in all that I aim for!?


Life indeed is very fragile, that we never know if our time is enough to do all things we want to do… But today is all the time we have to be all that we can be, so don’t wast it in anticipation of a hopeful tomorrow…


Your time is now and that is all you will ever have; make it count!

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