The Rant - A common man's whisper

Author: Nadeem Baig


Book Description:


Some of life’s greatest problems have the simplest solutions but how are we to look at things differently when we cannot even get past our own reflection; which is why I have written this book on the war that we fight with ourselves every single day.

The book is a sum of small articles that give a voice to the rants on topics that are a taboo in our society, like dealing with a heart break, depression, career choices, acceptance, love, relationships and life in general. Some articles in this book are a reminder, some are questions but what it is most of is a series of confessions that might just help you answer some of your life’s most daunting questions too.

The funny part about life, love, relationships and doubt are that they cannot be won over with advice, so I am not going to give any; but instead will take you through an experience and hopefully it will help you ask yourself the right questions to answers that you always knew.

Life is beautiful as it is, but it is easy to miss the smaller things in life when we are focused on the wrong chase; so, while you continue your race, I am only here to give you a new finish line. 

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