Resignation Letter - New beginnings

Dear Family,

There is something that I have been hiding from you and it is eating me up inside. This hide and seek of emotions has to come to an end because you deserve to know the truth, but even more because I deserve it too.


The pressures of earning a living has started to take a toll on me and I feel like a hypocrite telling children to follow their dreams when I have exchanged mine for what is acceptable by society.


I feel trapped inside a box waiting to be set free, but the irony is that the box is not locked; I chose to sit inside it to shield me from what people might say.


I am not scared of failure but I am petrified of the hardships all of you might have to go through while I fail my way to success. The climb to the top is not tough but putting you through it is.


I am tired of living a lie for a monthly pay cheque while I perform CPR on my dreams every weekend, just so that they can survive to the next and the next and the next, like a never-ending loop.


I cannot lie anymore and need to tell you about my dream for a better us. Yes, it will take time but it is what I would love to do.


It’s taken me half my life to understand what I want out of it and I do not want to spend the rest of my life trying to convince myself out of it; so, I have decided to rise to the occasion.


Well, I do not know how you have taken my confession; but like I said, you are my family and deserve the truth, just like I deserve it too.


Your Faithfully,

Another Dream Chaser

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