The adventures of John and Jerry

Let me tell you a story of 2 brothers who were born to a modest family of farmers. They had a defined starting line and were given an honest opportunities to make something off themselves but instead were blinded by the cheap shine of fast money…


The elder of the 2 was John and the younger was Jerry.


Both were obsessed with the colour of green, trying their hands at everything and anything illegal to make a quick climb up the money ladder…


There was a growing risk of losing their innocence in all this chaos, which was a worrying sign for their ageing father because he knew that this behavior stemmed from greed and a course was a necessity if wanted to save them.


So one day the father decided to put an end to this behavior by giving them a taste of their own medicine for he could not stand the thought of his children growing up as aspiring criminals. He planted a seed of deceit and watered it with his years of wisdom, waiting patiently for the fruits of his labour.


On a cold winter evening he called John and promised him a fortune if he only managed to keep it a secret from his younger brother. A 20 pound reward for a successful week and the incentive of a zero being added to that figure for each subsequent week of keeping it a secret. John could not believe his ears and was quick to accept the challenge!


But this was only half his master plan in motion, so to complete his garden project he now called Jerry, but instead of giving him the same deal he added a twist to it this time around. He confessed about his promise of a fortune to John and the terms of the deal, going on to add that since John was his first born it was only fair but Jerry was his son too so out of guilt and feeling ashamed he decided to shared the same spend of his money on a weekly basis on him too, but only if he could keep knowledge of his confession a secret from John.


Jerry left with mixed emotions. He felt betrayed, hurt and resent towards John, but at the same time was happy that John would never know how he was encroaching on half his promised fortune.


The seed was now a living saplings and the toughest part was behind the father. He knew that this plant would grow big so it was a matter of when the fruits were ripe to pluck and not if they would grow. So patiently he waited and he knew it was time to add the first installment of manure.


The brothers felt like a year had gone by in anticipation of the money and the last few hours felt like someone had hit the pause button and broken the remote! But the day of judgement was upon the 2 and the father called both his future jailbirds at the same time, handing over 20 pounds each to them and walked away without so much as smile.


The look on their faces was classic! They did not know where to look at first and how they would explain this if asked, but the one thing that angered them the most was this backstabbing from their father.


The money lost all value because John was in shock for not understanding why Jerry got paid and Jerry was feeling vulnerable trying to avoid confrontation with the fear that his secret of knowing John’s deal would be out. The suspense was killing them both and the tension in the air could be cut with a knife! But with their easy money making schemes on the line they were left with a grave obstacle ahead of them…


The week that followed had an uncomfortable silence, with John looking at his brother with doubting stares and Jerry playing a game of hide and seek.


The father was very pleased to see the first signs of the fruit but he needed a little extra sunshine to have them ripen so he ensured he gave his children a lot face time the entire week and would look away avoiding any eye contact to strengthen the roots of his plan, letting them see the guilt on their fathers face and wonder what was the offer that was given to the other that was responsible for it. This was driving the brothers insane and they were getting restless as the days added up to the pay day.


This time around the father called John in first and gave him his 200 pound reward and asked him to leave the room to send in Jerry. He then did the same things with Jerry and asked him to leave the room too, going back to bed with a sense of satisfaction knowing that it was time to puck the fruit.


The brothers could not stand this torture anymore and decided to confront their father later at supper but they had no idea that what would follow next was about to hit them very hard!


At the supper table the only sound that filled the air was the sound of rehearsed thoughts screaming inside the brothers heads until they finally gathered the courage to speak up.


John in a very feeble voice went first and asked his dad why was Jerry being paid the same amount as him and for what! While Jerry just looked at his father with moist eyes and a trembling voice questioning why he made things so uncomfortable for him when his intentions were clearly to end these hand outs.


The father smiled, looked at both his sons and told them about the deals he had offered both drilling in the fact there was a fortune to be made if they had only kept quite and let their selfish wants destroy the family; but they had failed the task only to have won something much more valuable.


He went on to teach them the 4 most important things about earning a living, which was the start to a new chapter in their lives.


1. There are no shortcuts to earning a living and the money earned from such dealings would never bring one satisfaction.


2. Money will only bring you temporary content but can never buy you happiness.


3. Such schemes are short lived but the pursuit of passion is a never-ending reservoir of income.


4. Family comes first and you will have many that will try and break the bond you have, using just a tiny ounce of greed for the execution. Don’t let worldly gains destroy your family.


John and Jerry learnt their lesson the hard way and like the brothers in this plot we all undergo such life changing experiences too, but I am curious to know if we have our eyes open to identify them or who played the farmer in our stories.


Look around you and you will be amazed at the things that life is trying to teach you; there is always a new story to experience and always a new perspective to be blessed with…


So ask yourself what have you learnt today and please share it so that you might inspire someone reading it in the process…

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