The "#" Brigade...

“Disclaimer: post contains some unparliamentary language and was not written with a point of view to hurt any religious or personal sentiments”

Technology has made it so easy for us to express what we feel that a new kind of freedom fighter is born; someone I call the hashtag brigade… But the idea is a little flawed because even here like the “real” world we are divided by tipping scales of opinions and the loners.


But before I try and explained why this concept is flawed, let me try and throw some background on what this society looks like and then go on from there.


Well there are 2 big groups here, one that will succumb to the pressure of choosing a side and the other Mr. Lone Wolf who has an opinion but does not wish to express himself for reasons best known to him. There are many other smaller groups too that we will not talk about, like #iDontGiveaFuck and #ScrewSocialiLiveInTheRealWorld and #HumScienceKiTaraafSeHai and #selfie #groupie and #YouGetTheDrift…


Now don’t get me wrong because I have nothing against anyone spending time on social media and I personally spend a healthy portion of my life in the virtual world too; it’s just that I am in introspection of this concept seeing us celebrate the day the Father of the nation was born; the importance of which we will forget in the days to come… #OneDayMatram


So now that we know these 2 groups I would like to share 7 reasons why I fell the hashtag revolution is a flawed concept:


1. Free!!! Mufth!!! #internetrocks: Opinions are cheaper by the dozen and unfortunately everyone has one; however the origin of that opinion was in all probability fueled by someone elses opinions, which in turn was fueled by more opinions in the first place. #infinityLoop


2. Dory effect: It takes us the equivalent time as Dory to forget the angst or joy of the opinion posted and carry on with our daily lives like nothing ever happened. #Hmmmmmm


3. Superstar effective: The number of likes, shares and comments that one gets on their post determines the success of your campaign.


Now feedback is the best mechanism to measure success and I am all for it, but my problem is when one leaves the course of their protest because it was not “critically acclaimed”. #ViralNahiToKuchNahi


4. Ant colonies: like ants we too have millions of colonies in the virtual world but unlike ants our comrades live in shared colonies. Ants are focused and work for the survival of their hill; on the other hand the hashtag brigade chooses it’s flavour of the day and sometimes the hour depending on what’s trending in their fragmented grid of friends sitting in boxes on their profiles.




5. Google said so! : Anything we need is on Google but who is to authenticate the zillions of articles? Could most of them be the result of someone’s opinion or has someone actually done a background check before re-posting it or worse still shared an uneducated opinion? Well, we will never know. #Googlerocks


6. The right way, the wrong way and no fucking way : People are stressed and confused with which path to choose because no matter which side you take there will be violent vocal abuse either for or against what you wrote.


Let’s take a step back, a few deep breaths, zoom out and look at things with some maturity for a change. My opinion is my opinion and does not need anyone’s endorsement because then that would be your opinion and not mine.



7. The moral brigade : Being punished for expressing what I feel is not cool! Today just because a few people feel they are right does not make me wrong and who has given them the right to moral police?


The virtual India is less a democracy and more a monarchy from the looks of it. One does not have to visit North Korea to undergo those atrocities, we have them right here. #WTF


Well as I end this note I thing enough has been said and less is more in this case because articles like this will only give people another topic to troll.


On another topic I am saddened and worried that the next generation may not understand the value of staying the course because all we leave for them is the culture to follow.


The future of any country is way bigger than you and me; it’s about what legacy we leave behind for our children to adopt, so choose your actions wisely my friends because actions will always speak louder than words…


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