The Choices we make in life are what separate the Heroes from the Villains

One of the many mysteries of life is that there is no set formula for getting it right and no 2 approaches ever give you the same outcome, but it is all linked to having the right attitude.


Sometimes things come easy but then we need to work hard at keeping things that way; and sometimes things won’t come easy but we need to just work hard on getting things into perspective. The irony of the situation is not only beautiful but also a game changer, because there is no substitute for hard work and no matter how many times you fail, you will always have the option to try again.


I remember how my life took a 360° turn a couple of years ago where I lost one of my biggest support systems; my father, and every unspoken word, missed opportunity of spending time, the emotional support and financial backing had vanished in the blink on a eye. I had to make a choice, one that would be a upstream swim that would challenge my existence and another to go with the flow and lose my existence; well I chose to swim for life because it was not my time to go down with my ship.


I guess what i am trying to say is that life is what you “think” it to be and then what you make of it. Its all in the mind and only takes one step at a time in the direction you believe in to make it good, bad or ugly.

The universal truth about life is that it is hard and no matter who you are, it will knock you down! Its going to be TKO, lights out, the final count but it is not over until you say it is!


You are going to see people around you succeed and only you will have the choice to aspire to reach their level or sit back and feel bad for yourself.

There will come a time when you will know that your education is not enough to enable you to reach the greatness that you are meant to achieve and once again only you will have the choice to change that for yourself.


You are going to experience relationships that will make you doubt our own intentions but you will also meet many that will help you through those testing times. Find those few that will complete you and not those that want to amputate you from their lives.

You are going to lose someone who meant the world to you… There is nothing you can do or say that will get them back, but remember this that they are in a better place and it was their time. Be happy in the moments you cherished with them, for we owe it to them for completing our lives…


Life is going to be full of choices, big ones and small ones, important ones and not so important ones, ones that will change your life forever and ones that will change the lives of others around you, some that will be difficult to make and some that will make things difficult, some that will define you and others that will define what becomes of you… The list is never ending with only one constant; your attitude towards life…


Its your life, so don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot get up once life knocks you down; not even yourself!


Believe it not, but Its not over until you win! Just believe that you can…

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