When did it all change?

I wonder when did it all change, the pitter patter of rain became a reason to run for shelter instead of welcoming it with open arms of grace.


I wonder when the chirping at dawn became a reason for broken sleep instead of a bright and early start.


I wonder when spending time with a loved one needed a plan instead of simple company.


I wonder when love started to needed a voice and lost its sight through the language of the eyes.


I wonder when we started to invest our family time in office work instead of leaving it back at the work place..

I wonder, when the dignity of a person became a matter of the clothes they wore instead of respecting them for just being human.


I wonder when the matters of my religion, sexual preference and eating habits became a matter of nation shame instead of letting me live with the sense of pride that I deserve.


I wonder when did it all change from just living a life to announcing it on social media for acknowledgement.


I have heard that life comes a full circle so the silver lining is that things will change again, but the question is when?


I have also heard that we need to be the change to see the change, so I guess the answer to when is in our choices.


Part of the problem or the solution; or part problem and part solution.


Alas, the answer to our questions are trapped in that paradox…

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