Who am I?

We tend to have a very low image of the wonders we have hidden inside us; because we spend a lot of time trying to excavate them from the outside instead of the inside.


The irony is that we accept a reality that is perceived by others to be factual and choose to ignore the honest reality echoing from within, which is like looking into a muddy pond and believing that you are dirty because of the reflection you see…

Well the truth is that opinions are a dime a dozen and everyone has something to say about you; where most of the times it is an attempt to justify their own motive, or their beliefs or their independent views and has nothing to do with you. It works like a reassurance to themselves that they did the right things in a previous situation and you were just the right opportunity for them to seal that idea…


No one likes to accept that they are wrong and worst still be proven that they were; which is what fuels this need to justify ones actions by forcing their views of you onto you. Look around you and you will see it in politics, religion, work and even personal relationships.


Yes, not all criticism is bad; but one needs to understand that there is a difference between pointing out an area of improvement and pointing out a character trait. Like in a relationship there is a difference between “we need to work towards being patient with each other” VS “you never have patience’s and that’s why things never work out.”

So before someones opinion about you starts to become your believed reality, there is this incredible event in nature that I want you to remember always; that no matter how ugly the caterpillar may look, there is always a beautiful butterfly waiting to come out… When you apply artificial pressure from outside to pull the butterfly out, it will be deformed but when you let it push it’s way through from the inside, it will be a miracle in motion…


Let external opinions not deform you but let your inner voice push through for the world to see your true colours…


It’s time to conquer the skies my friend… it’s time to break your cocoon!

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