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Sometimes all we need is the right direction in life…

Career Compass

Education is the root that will ground us during the formidable years of our career; however with formal education also comes the art of self development to be corporate ready.

Career Compass has been designed keeping Interview essentials in mind for College students, with a host of practical activities.

Career Anchor

Getting used to corporate lifestyle and managing a healthy work life balance is one of the toughest situations to deal with when we get into our daily routines.

Career Anchor has been designed keeping those needs in mind to ensure professionals are getting the best of both worlds while we support with practical help.

Blog Buoy

We understand your needs when it comes to a deeper understanding about Life, Relationships, Love, Self-help and Corporate tenacity, which is what brings us to the self starter programme called Blog Buoy.

Special attention has been given to our daily library to ensure you get your weekly dose of motivation.

Motivational Mast

Sometimes all we need is an incredible burst of courage to do the unthinkable and what better way than visiting our Quotes sections for that much needed boost.

We add a new Quote everyday for your adrenaline rush. Our blend of motivational mast comprise of original & famous writings.

Naddy Talks